Appreciating Our Heritage

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Today, we interview Pastor Steve Cox and his son, Jake. Steve is the Senior Pastor of Bible Baptist Church in Simpsonville, SC. He grew up in the home of a wonderful, conservative Baptist Pastor. Here we discuss how we value what we were taught and how we were trained while having the freedom to make adjustments in ministry philosophy according to our current context.

The topic of this episode is "Appreciating Our Heritage". Let me define what I mean by that word "Heritage". Specifically, I mean the things that formed our spiritual beliefs, practices, and what forged us into the Pastors we are today.

Key points about our heritage:

  1.   Our heritage can teach us about endurance in the ministry.

  2.   Our heritage can teach us about biblical conviction in the ministry.

  3.   Our heritage can teach us about compassion in the ministry.

  4.   Our heritage can teach us about Great Commission commitment in the ministry.

What creates a healthy environment to pass on a heritage to the next generation?

  1. I want my children to see people saved and baptized.

  2. I want my children to see a great spirit.

  3. I want my children to see a commitment to sound doctrine.

  4. I want my children to learn the Bible with me.

If you are interested in following or reaching out to Steve Cox, here are a couple ways:




Jake Cox



Bible Baptist Church in Simpsonville, SC

You can always reach out to me:



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