Assimilation: From Visitor to Member

It has been said that someone visits your church for the first time because they were invited, for the second time because they liked it, and for the third time because they were connected. Here at River City Baptist Church, we have put a strong emphasis on our process of assimilating visitors into church membership.

The questions I get asked most often are about how we see so many people saved, baptized, or joining the church week after week. You see it on our social media and I will admit, we are very active in getting after people. In this episode, I discuss the assimilation process with Jason Alvarez.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Download Trello

Activate by Nelson Searcy

Fusion by Nelson Searcy

Sticky Church by Larry Osborne

The Unstuck Church by Tony Morgan

Lasting Impact by Carey Nieuwhof

The Book of Church Growth by Thom Rainer

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