Authorized: A Discussion on Bible Readability

Not too long ago, I rekindled a friendship with a friend from college. We had lost contact since graduating but through circumstances were able to connect again. Mark Ward wrote a book titled "Authorized: The Use and Misuse of the King James Bible".

In this discussion, we delve into Mark's book on the subject of Bible translation. You can see our notes below. I hope they are a help to you.

The readability factor of the King James Bible:

  1. Language is key to understanding the scriptures in historical and modern context. Today's English speakers may or may not be aware of the nuances in which the 1611 King James Bible was written.

  2. The argument for readability - 55% of Bible readers claim that they use the King James Bible. That's not to say that some may be using the NKJV or weren't sure that the KJV was the Bible of choice.

  3. We need to distinguish the doctrine of "Inspiration" vs. "Translation".

  4. Bible promises about preservation do not apply to translation - most are confused on this.

  5. King James Only-ism pertains to someone who is persistent in discarding all other versions of the Bible, to the point of separation from other Christians and points of division for fellowship.

What do we admire about people in the KJV only movement:

  1. Typically, the person has a very high regard for the Bible.

  2. They have a great desire to preserve tradition for the next generation.

  3. These people change very slowly,

  4. They have legitimate issues with the translation of scripture.

  5. They have gone through great lengths to create tools that have contributed to over all study of scripture.

Get your copy of "Authorized: The Use and Misuse of the King James Bible" here.

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