Bringing the Gospel to Public Schools

In the fall of 2018, River City Baptist Church had relocated to a new building at 6801 Merrill Road. Just a few yards away is Lake Lucina Elementary School and it did not take long before the principal approached us with an opportunity to minister to the children. Almost immediately, we began to host one another for different events that we discuss in this episode. Over the past three years, we've seen scores of children get saved, baptized, join our church, and be transformed by the Gospel.

For any soul-minded pastor, it is a critical part of ministering to your community to get inside of every public school. On my team, Erik McKay has done a tremendous job of building relationships with school officials and creating ministries that have long-lasting impact on both the children and our church. In this episode, Michelle Walsh and I discuss the relationship between the church and public schools. I hope this conversation encourages you to get your ministry into the public school system.

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