Episode 1: Why Another Podcast?

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Bryan discusses the reason behind starting another podcast with special guest Erik McKay, Student Ministries Pastor at River City Baptist Church.

Erik has been in ministry for over a decade and within that time has faced significant challenges, feeling disheartened about the ministry.

Problematic areas in ministry that can lead to ministry discouragement:

1. Focus of man worship.

2. Burn out culture.

3. Ministry involvement that causes family problems.

Bryan notes that the ideal church allows you to:

1. Attend

2. Serve In

3. Be Trained In

In addition, Bryan puts an emphasis on what sets his church apart from the common burn out culture with five factors that uniquely identify the ministry philosophy of River City Baptist Church:

1. Bible Preaching.

2. Grace based living.

3. God focused worship.

4. Relational training.

5. Cooperative Great Commission Efforts

If you have any questions or comments for Erik McKay, he may be contacted via email at

To listen to the full podcast episode, click here

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