Episode 3: I Should Have Been Dead, Part 1

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

In this podcast episode, I discuss ministry challenges and the burden of church growth with former pastor Mike Bennet.

Mike really opens up to us and shares his struggles with suicide and how the Lord brought him through the dire situation with a healthy outlook for service and ministry. Below are the specific notes he wanted to share as part of this episode.

Common Struggles That Bring Discouragement:

1. Unrealistic Expectations for church impact

a. This stems from wrong ideas planted while in Bible College.

2. Attendance in the church.

a. Lack of Results from outreach.

b. The "Greener Grass" syndrome - Is it always better being somewhere else?

c. Thoughts to take away from this: Are you looking to what you don’t have rather than appreciating what God has given to you in ministry already?

Why are you looking for acceptance from people and not Christ?

3. Expecting people and things to fulfill what only Christ can.

a. Looking for pleasure in your family alone, or in people alone.

b. Looking for things and activities to take the place of Christ.

4. Discouragement comes through Trials.

"When you dwell on problems instead of God, you will be depressed".

You will experience all of these issues if you are letting your emotions tell you who God is rather than letting the Bible tell you.

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