I Should Have Been Dead Part 2

Updated: Apr 21

Bryan continues his discussion with former pastor and current River City Baptist Church deacon, Mike Bennett. We continue reflecting on Mike's struggle with depression and discouragement in the ministry.

After resigning his position as senior pastor, Mike eventually came to Jacksonville. It was at RCBC that he heard a message from Pastor Jonathan Blankenship and began the process of healing. Mike shares a few notes that helped his journey of overcoming depression:

Facing the challenge of Depression - How can you deal with his directly?

1. Deal with this head on.

a. You need to confront the realization that you need help and find help.

b. Be Proactive about avoiding those things that get you down.

2. Have friendships with accountability.

a. Have someone in the ministry that you can talk with about the burdens you carry, someone who can relate and provide guidance.

3. Exercise and eat healthy, take care of yourself. Keep moving and do something physical to keep with your mental health.

4. Feed your soul, don’t lack in this area.

a. The following books are highly recommended: Dangerous Calling by Paul David

Tripp, Awe by Paul David Tripp, and How’s Your Soul? by Judah Smith. Stay in the book of Psalm (Lament Psalms).

5. Fast when you are discouraged - If it’s worrying about, it’s worth fasting about.

Also, you can listen to the message from Pastor Jonathan Blankenship referenced in this episode titled "The Most Important Thing In Life" here


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