Improving Pulpit Communication

On this episode of the Bryan Samms Podcast, Aaron interviews me about communicating from the pulpit and my methods for emphasizing critical points in a sermon. I will share, not only the questions Aaron asked, but a sample of my sermon notes (Come To The Well) so you can see a properly structured message that is easy to communicate to your audience.

The questions:

1. What is your number one rule for getting a point across?

2. How can you tell whether your audience is understanding what you're saying?

3. If your audience is clearly not understanding, what do you do?

4. How do you avoid cliches?

5. Do you ever consciously regulate your talking speed?

6. How do you care for your voice?

7. Let's say that you are someone who is aware that they tend to be monotone. What would be your suggestion to improve their expression?

8. Who are your favorite communicators?

9. What are the pros and cons of making your point very simple?

10. What are the pros and cons of making your point very elaborate or in depth?

11. How do you choose whether to be simple or in depth?

12. How can you best prepare for explaining a difficult verse or topic?

13. What are some resources for improving your communication skills?

A couple of interesting quotes:

"Preaching is like throwing a bucket of water over a row of bottles with narrow necks. A few drops might find their way into the bottles, but most of the bucketful will go to waste." - Dean Inge There's a story about St. Anthony, who preached to a bunch of fish: "The sermon now ended, Each turned and descended. The pikes went on stealing. The eels went on eeling. Much delighted were they, But preferred the old way."

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Come to the Well
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