Learn Preaching from Jake Potter

Welcome to week seven of our preaching podcast mini-series. We are excited to partner with Veritas Baptist College for this preview on the sermon preparation courses they'll be offering in the upcoming semester. In this episode, I have the opportunity to discuss preaching and sermon preparation with Pastor Jake Potter of the Eufola Baptist Church in Statesville, NC.

Listen to the full episode and find out Jake's answers to the following questions:

  1. What was it that brought you to expository preaching?

  2. Your method of preaching is expository and sequential through the Bible, why would you say this is unique and important to your church?

  3. Have you ever had someone challenge you on the subject of how you can grow a church through expository preaching?

  4. Can you talk about the value of a good sermon illustration and where do you find some of your most valuable sermon illustrations?

  5. Can you share a word of admonition with the young preachers listening?

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Eufola Baptist Church

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