Learn Preaching From Kenny Baldwin Part 1

Updated: Jun 16

Welcome to week three of our preaching podcast mini-series. We are excited to partner with Veritas Baptist College for this preview on the sermon preparation courses they will be offering in the upcoming semester.

On this episode, I had the chance to ask my friend, Kenny Baldwin, about his sermon preparation and approach to expository preaching.

Here are the notes from our conversation:

Who has been and continues to be the greatest influences on your preaching?

  • Lou Baldwin - his preaching helped develop messages and approach to the text. He has always been given to exposition.

What books of the Bible have you preached through recently or plan to preach through?

  • Sunday night Corinthians verse by verse and Wednesday in Genesis, Ephesians as well.

On being a guest speaker:

  • When you preach on the road and leave, you leave the people there but when you pastor and leave, you take the people with you.

  • When you travel and preach, you don’t get to flesh out the growth of the Bible character.

  • When we watch Abraham through his journey, you get to watch the church grow with the Bible character.

What about the benefits for you going back to a book and preaching through it?

  • You grow and rediscover things you didn’t see before. You see, say, and present your sermons differently when preaching the same passages through again. You get to know where you’re going and apply the efforts weekly.

Developing a proposition or declaration statement or sermon theme:

Describe what you mean when you say that every scripture has a “Telos”

  • It is the DNA, identity, the superlative interpretation of that passage. Developing a knack for spotting the message helps us interpret what God’s intention for this message conveys the sermon identity.

  • When the listeners leave, they understand what that great preaching was about and how it applies to them. The sermon has GPS and doesn’t end up being scattered.

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