Learn Preaching from Kenny Baldwin Part 2

Welcome to week four of our preaching podcast mini-series. We are excited to partner with Veritas Baptist College for this preview on the sermon preparation courses we’ll be offering in the upcoming semester.

In this episode, I am continuing my discussion with Kenny Baldwin, as he discusses his sermon preparation methods. Here are the notes

from our conversation: 

Preaching style is all about Holy Spirit gifts mixed with the speaker’s personality.  Phillip Brooks has a great quote on this idea; he states, “Preaching is truth poured through personality.” 


  • In the African American tradition, church and worship has a history rooted in struggle, specifically, how black people worshipped during slavery.

  • Church, preaching, and worship was done out of desperation; they sang from crisis and learned to praise God in the toughest times.

  • If we compare that to the Bible, we see churches throughout the ages survived through times of crisis and trials. The black church is a staple in passion for worship, preaching, and rhythm.

  • The impact of African American culture is also shared by feedback from the congregation. Black churches have a conversation with the preacher while he is speaking to them.

S.M. Lockridge, King, T.D. Jakes, and Tony Evans are notable African American preachers because of the way they handle the word of God and master communication.


The “Telos” is what the Holy Spirit is saying from the text. It is the God-intended point of the text. For the preacher, his job is to:

  • Find a central theme. 

  • Build the sermon on the theme. 

  • Make the theme be everything you say in that sermon.

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