Learn Preaching From Kurt Skelly Part 1

Welcome to the first part of our preaching series. We are excited to partner with Veritas Baptist College for this preview on the sermon preparation courses we will be offering in the upcoming semester.

Our guest for this episode is Pastor Kurt Skelly, pastor of the Faith Baptist Church in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I had the chance to ask my friend about his sermon preparation, specifically his approach to expository preaching. Here are the notes from our conversation:

Text selection - what am I going to preach?

How do you define expository preaching and what is the significance?

Expository preaching is defined as a message in which the preacher allows the text to serve as the subject or basis for the message. The preacher is exposing the thought of the author to the original audience. The tone of the passage becomes the tone of the message.

Every correctly prepared expository message is topical because God speaks in topics.

Spend much time in prayer to have the mind of the Lord. Pray for your people, pray for the mind of the people, and saturate the text in prayer.

Text selection will address what is happening with the congregation and deliver a message specific to the needs of the people. The passage may have been selected earlier in the year as part of the series but the text gives credence to God’s timing as the messages are delivered. The preacher must trust that God is going to deliver his word to the needs and timing of the people.

Expository preaching yields itself in dependence on God.

Advice for preaching texts:

Start with I Thessalonians because the Apostle Paul spent roughly a month there and the church displayed the dynamic of mature Christianity. Later, Paul wrote them to highlight the strength of that church:

  1. Here is what God accomplished through you.

  2. Here are the people that God used.

  3. Here is how you received the word of God.

This book is going to help the church understand what kind of preacher they will have and how to be a model church. Connect with Kurt Skelly: Everyday Truth Facebook broadcast Referenced Books: W.A. Criswell - Standing on the Promises

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