Politics In The Pulpit

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

A couple of days ago (Sunday, October 4th) I tweeted this:

This simple tweet created a firestorm of responses both encouraging and alarming. I told many of you that I would respond to the comments on my podcast and that is exactly the purpose of this episode. Here are a couple of my takeaways from this discussion with Aaron on this topic:

What does the Bible actually say about our responsibility to government?

1. We are to obey the ordinances of government (very clear in Romans 13).

2. We are commanded to pray for leadership in the government (1Timothy 2).

3. We are to obey God rather than man when government commands us to do something that is contrary to His Word (Acts 5).

4. God does allow Christians to be influential in government, which we see in the case of Daniel. What this means is that Christians have a precedent in being involved in high forms of government.

The Bible does not talk about a believer's fundamental right to religious freedom.

Here are four reasons why I say that a pastor's preaching and teaching should not be filled with things like anti-socialism, patriotism, and freedom of speech:

  1. Our text is the the Word of God and we should be preaching the Word from the pulpit.

  2. The Bible speaks to both sides of the political persuasion, conservative and liberal. Specifically the Bible addresses the topics of life, traditional marriage, capitalism, justice, oppression, racism, immigration, and poverty.

  3. We must never dilute the Gospel in the pulpit.

  4. Most pastors are preaching in an "echo chamber." These types of messages are only riling up the base, rather than propagating a message of biblical discipleship.

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