The Minister and His Health

The Bible instructs us to care for our body many times throughout the Old and New testaments. Paul calls the body a temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19) and he also says that while physical fitness isn’t the most important thing, it is of value. Jesus teaches that we have a responsibility to make the best use of what has been entrusted to us with the parable of the tenants in the book of Mark.

How many of us, as ministry leaders, can say honestly that we have taken pristine care of ourselves physically? I know it's a struggle for me personally as well as some of my pastor friends. Firstly, I'm a husband and father. I've got five children, three of them are under five years old. Secondly, I'm the senior pastor of a mid-sized metropolitan church. Lastly, I'm a full time college professor who is also working on a post graduate degree. I'm busy! It is very easy for me to forget about my own well being while trying to keep up with my schedule. We could all use a simple reminder that our health is highly important and should not be neglected, particularly in the ministry.

In this episode of the podcast, I interview Steve Miller who shares his realization of having to make some physical fitness changes in his life because of the negative impact it had on his ministry and the journey of his decision over the past two years. Steve is encouraging those who struggle with physical fitness through his YouTube channel and sharing how he relies on the Lord to help him through this daily struggle.

Connect with Steve Miller:

Full and Free




Diet Plan mention in the episode:

Trim Healthy Momma

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