The Other Side: A KJV Only Defender On The Bryan Samms Podcast

Back in the spring, Aaron and I gave our thoughts on the King James Only position after interviewing Mark Ward, who wrote the book Authorized: The Use And Misuse of the King James Bible. In that same episode, we gave an open invitation to anyone who wanted to defend the King James Only position to be a guest on the Bryan Samms podcast.

I received a very kind letter from Pastor Wallace Miller of the Bible Baptist Church in Fairfield, OH and he expressed interest in speaking about his view on the King James Only position. I had the opportunity to interview Pastor Miller with a list of questions that addressed the three problems Aaron and I discussed in our episode titled Final Thoughts on the King James Only Position. Here are is that list of questions we asked Pastor Miller in the interview:

1.  Do you find it necessary to separate from people who use a different Bible translation than you?

2. If your problem is with modern translations, would you separate from someone who uses an older translation than the KJV, i.e. the Geneva, Tyndale, Wycliffe, etc.?

3. How do you explain the fact that English translations never became a prominent separation issue until the 1980s?

4. Why do most KJV Onlyists still refer to the KJV  1611 when they use the 1769?

5. Why did we stop revising the KJV in 1769?

6. Which of the two 1769 revisions do you subscribe to, the Cambridge or the Oxford

edition? Why?

7.  Do you think the KJV can be improved?

8. How do you handle certain translation difficulties? 

9. What is the correct translation of 2 Samuel 15:7? What about obvious problematic translations? Include Galatians 6:11 and 1 Corinthians 6. Other translational challenges:

  • Matt. 23:24 "strain at" vs "strain out"

  • Acts 12:4 "Easter" vs "Passover"

  • Matt. 28:20 "world" vs "age"

10 .How do you know that the KJV is infallible or more correct than others? (because not even the translators thought it was)

11. The KJV translators were interested in translating the Bible into the "vulgar" tongue, or a language that the "unlearned" could understand. Do you not think that we could use such a translation today, to improve readability?

12. Are you opposed to revisions?

13. If not opposed to revisions, what is your main reason for not accepting the NKJV or the MEV?

14. If the KJV is the best because of the rich and lofty Elizabethan English, would other countries need to translate the Bible into their rich and lofty language, or is their modern vernacular fine?

15. What makes the translators of the KJV better than the translators of some of today's modern versions?

16. Many KJV Onlyists say that the Sinaiticus and Vaticanus cannot be trusted because they were kept by the Catholic Church. Yet, Erasmus, who compiled the TR, was a Catholic priest. What is your response?

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Bible Baptist Church

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