What I’m Reading During “Stay at Home” Time

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

I hope that you are capitalizing on some extra time during this strange season of quarantine. I determined that I would invest some of my extra time into some over-neglected areas of my life. For me, those areas were family time, focusing on my physical health, and reading. I have spent a lot of time playing board games and video games with my family.  My daily, morning 3-mile walk, has become a great addition to my schedule because it provides me with an opportunity for prayer and audiobook consumption (not at the same time). 

One area that I really have been focusing on is reading. With the aid of Hoopla, I have been able to consume several audiobooks for free (click here to download Hoopla). Here are three of the most recent titles that have been of help to me:

1. Uncomfortable:  The Awkward and Necessary Challenge of Christian Community – By Bret McCracken

 McCracken challenges the reader to be totally committed to a local church even if the church doesn’t meet all of your preferences. Often, we abandon our commitment to the church when it becomes “uncomfortable.”  But, McCracken argues, you should be “uncomfortable” with church. It’s about community and family. This is a much-needed book that challenges the consumer-driven church. 

2. The Pleasures of God – By John Piper

One thing that I appreciate about John Piper is his Godward focus.  This is a theological book. It is based on his study of what God “delights” in.  Any time you read Piper, you will read deep and your appreciation for God will increase.

3. The Gospel Comes with a House Key – By Rosaria Butterfield

I love to read anything that Rosaria Butterfield writes. This book is a direct challenge to believers to practice radical, ordinary, Christian hospitality.  Really, go read this one now!

Too often, we complain about not having enough time to slow down and do something for ourselves or our families. If this season of quarantine has given us anything, it's the gift of time. Use it wisely.

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