Episode 2: Why Bible College Isn't Enough

Updated: Apr 21

On this episode, Bryan discusses the Bible College experience with his staff. Before we started recording, we created a Pro/Con to serve as the basis of the episode.

The Pros of our Bible college experience:

1. Friends made.

2. Classes enjoyed.

3. Preaching in chapel.

4. Good study habits.

5. Discipline and habits learned.

The Cons of our Bible college experience:

"A lack of ministry experience combined with a low mentor relationship will prove to be disappointing and sometimes destructive to a young preacher."

1. Not sufficient leadership mentorship 2. Not adequate ministry training

a. Don't actually work with people's problems

b. Local church decision-making processes

c. Church discipline processes

d. Counseling observation

e. The other things (how to perform funerals and weddings, etc.) 3. Unrealistic expectations of what ministry will be like 4. Can become completely overworked and underprepared 5. You learn how to do, not to care (Philippians 4:9, 2 Timothy 3:10-11) 6. No ongoing committed mentorship to those who graduate 7. No motivation for soulwinning 8. Limited methods of outreach Final discussion point: Why you need church mentorship

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